Triangles and Tribulations March 22, 2009

Filed under: Health and Happiness — bloodsweatntears @ 2:54 pm

posture92I’ve suspected for a while now that I wasn’t doing Triangle Pose 100% correctly, but that could be true for a lot of poses I do in this series.  Triangle is one of the most challenging poses –  they don’t call it the “peak of the mountain” for nothing. So a teacher pointed out that my set up wasn’t right the other day.  She guided me into the right direction and it seemed to make more sense, at least for the moment.  Hips squared to the front?  Check.  Equal weight distribution between front leg and back leg, check. Bounce down so my leg is parallel to the floor?  Well…..I just can’t seem to get this leg down  to the floor.  And would definitely NOT be able to balance a tray on that leg!  For the last few weeks I’ve been called out by various teachers to sit down, sit down and SIT DOWN!  I thought I had been sitting down this whole time!!

What is the trick here?  It’s in the core, but I’m just  now sure how to activate it to keep me in this position.  Anyone out there with tips, please send along.


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