Dandayamana Dhanurasana April 29, 2009

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posture6Danda-yam-ana Dha-nur-asana…. rings in my ears like an iambic pentameter of sorts.  I have been plateauing in this pose for some time now.  And yesterday I started moving out of it, because I hit a new spot.  Maybe it’s because I had an instructor who was completely new to me.  The class was very different from what I’m used to so I guess that’s a good thing.  I felt something new, pulling my foot back behind me.  Whatever it was gave me the strength to continue pulling my foot up above my head.  But it’s really hard to keep it up there for a full minute!  I’m working on my determination for that part.  It will happen soon.


Salabasana April 27, 2009

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If a pose is easy to do, chances are you aren’t doing it right.  I used to think Full Locust pose was a breeze, until I figured out I wasn’t engaging the correct muscles in my back.  It’s also due partly to the fact that I lack upper body strength.  While this builds strength in your upper spine, does it build strength in your upper body also?  Or am I going to have to build that elsewhere, maybe doing that crazy 100 pushups program stellargirl recommended to me light years ago.  Two words: why not??   I can do the single leg lifts, but when it comes to lifting both legs, I can barely get them off the floor.  I have been patiently shifting the weight around to my shoulders but once I start lifting my legs it all falls apart.  I guess I have to work through this more slowly then.


Hot summer night April 26, 2009

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hot in the city