Salabasana April 27, 2009

Filed under: Health and Happiness — bloodsweatntears @ 5:10 pm


If a pose is easy to do, chances are you aren’t doing it right.  I used to think Full Locust pose was a breeze, until I figured out I wasn’t engaging the correct muscles in my back.  It’s also due partly to the fact that I lack upper body strength.  While this builds strength in your upper spine, does it build strength in your upper body also?  Or am I going to have to build that elsewhere, maybe doing that crazy 100 pushups program stellargirl recommended to me light years ago.  Two words: why not??   I can do the single leg lifts, but when it comes to lifting both legs, I can barely get them off the floor.  I have been patiently shifting the weight around to my shoulders but once I start lifting my legs it all falls apart.  I guess I have to work through this more slowly then.


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